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Club Regulations - advice to Members and Associate Members

We ask you to observe the following simple, undemanding rules when you use the Club.  None are unreasonable and all are designed to ensure you, your family and guests enjoy the friendly atmosphere of our Club.  It is hoped that our Club is a place where we can meet in complete safety, in a family-friendly environment and for these reasons we particularly draw your attention to the rules of conduct.


1.1     New members, who must be 18 years or over, must pay the full year's subscription (or pro rata) when admitted to Club membership, on the basis that part            of the calendar year may have elapsed.  In addition, on applying for membership, they must pay a joining fee, an amount determined by the Club's Annual            General Meeting.

1.2     Retired members qualify at 66 years or over and pay a reduced subscription though reduced membership will be applied after a member has (a) reached               the age of 66 years and (b) been a member of the Club for at least five continuous years.

1.3     Applicants for membership will have their application details published on the Club notice board where they remain for a minimum of 7 days.  Members                may object, in writing to the Club Secretary, to any proposed member and their views will be considered by the Management Committee.  No applicant                 will be debarred from consideration by reason of race, creed, sect, minority or ethnic group or calling.

1.4     Subscriptions are due in January each year.  Any member who does not pay in January will be treated as a lapsed member.  Any member in financial                       difficulty, as regards the subscription, should consult the Club Secretary.

1.5     The Committee will publish renewal dates and times in good time.

1.6     Members may purchase a CIU affiliation card, which must be supported by an annual pass card.


2.1     On entering the Club, a member must, on request, report to the doorperson or bar staff, show their membership card and give their number.                                   Membership cards must be carried in the Club at all times and must be shown on request.  Members unable to produce their card will either be refused               admittance or need to be signed in by another member as a guest and pay the appropriate fee.

2.2     Violent, aggressive, threatening or offensive behaviour (including excessive drunkenness) will result in disciplinary action being taken, which may lead to               suspension or expulsion.  Members are warned that, if necessary, the Club will not hesitate to call in the police, with whom the Club enjoys a good                           relationship.

2.3    The Club also wishes to maintain good relationships with local residents and will regard any disturbance involving members in the vicinity of the Club as                 taking place on Club premises.  Disciplinary action against offenders may, therefore, result.

2.4     Any member who, during their first year of membership, is adjudged by the Committee to be guilty of a serious misdemeanour will call into question their            sponsor's right to nominate new members.

2.5     When dancing is taking place dancers must not drink or take drinks onto the dance floor.

2.6     Smokers should use the designated area in the Club rear garden.  Smoking is not permitted in or at the front of the Club building, or in the yard adjacent                to the downstairs snooker room.

2.7     Graffiti on the fabric of the building or the Club notice board is forbidden.

2.8     When leaving the Club, do so quietly and respect our neighbours.

2.9     Be courteous to artistes appearing in the Club.  Do not mar the act or the enjoyment of others by loud conversation, and gaming machines should only be            used with considerate discretion.  The TV in the Club main area will be switched off as soon as the act is ready to perform.  Use of the rear dartboard                      during an act is permissible but noise must be kept to a minimum.

2.10   Be courteous and considerate to other Club users.  Treat all Club furniture and fittings with care.  Do not place feet on furniture.

2.11   Be courteous to the steward and bar staff.  The steward will usually deal with enquiries regarding the running of the bar.  A helpful and polite response                  can normally be relied upon.  If dissatisfied, members should make a written complaint to the Club Secretary.


3.1     The steward or bar staff should not be asked for drinks or off-sales of any description after “time”.

3.2     The Club allows only 20 minutes for drinking up after “time”.

3.3     The Club closes and should be vacated 30 minutes after “time”.


4.1     Drug use within the grounds of the Club will not be tolerated at any time and Police will always be informed.  Disciplinary action will be taken against any               offender.


5.1     Members and associates may sign guests on payment of the appropriate fees.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, the maximum number of guests             to be signed in by each member is restricted to two per member.  During other times, the number of guests signed in by members remains at three per                 member

5.2     The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to any guest.

5.3     Associates.  The Club is a member of the Club and Institute Union and associates may be admitted after showing valid affiliation and pass cards and                        signing the associate book.  However, an associate has no right of admission.  Associates have the same rights and privileges as other members.  They are            also subject to the same rules and byelaws except as follows:

5.3.1  They may be refused admission if the Management Committee thinks fit.

5.3.2  They may be excluded on “members only” occasions.

5.4      The following may not be admitted as guests:

5.4.1  Former members who have been expelled from this Club or guests who have been expelled or who are under suspension from any other Union Club

5.4.2  Any guest who has previously been informed that they are not welcome on the premises.

5.4.3  Former members who have ceased to be members through non-payment of subscriptions.  This does not apply to former members who have formally                  resigned in writing.

5.4.4    Persons who, having been nominated for membership, have been rejected.

5.4.5    Members who are under suspension

5.4.6    Any particular person as the Management Committee may decide.

5.5    By law, guests, other than associates, are not permitted to purchase intoxicating liquor.  Any guest so doing will be asked to leave the premises                                 immediately and the member introducing that guest may be expelled from membership.  As regards guests playing snooker, see paragraph 15.3

5.6    Guests, other than associates, may only remain in the Club while the introducing member or associate remains as well.


6.1     Members and guests are asked to wear clean, reasonable dress and shoes in the Club.  Secretaries of teams are reminded that they should ensure that                  visiting teams are aware of these dress requirements.


7.1    Any member may propose to form a club or team, of West Ewell Social Club members only, in writing to the Management Committee, enclosing a copy of               the proposed rules and constitution.  These must not run counter to the constitution, rules and byelaws of West Ewell Social Club.  Clubs and teams                       should be self-organised and self-supporting financially, but may apply to the Management Committee for financial assistance in writing.

7.2    The Management Committee reserves the right to close down any club or team, to intervene in any dispute and to amend the constitution of any club or                team.  Each Club or team must appoint a Secretary who will be answerable to the Management Committee of the Club for the conduct of the club or                      team’s affairs and the conduct of the club or team’s members and guests.  Secretaries are referred particularly to paragraph 5.2.


8.1     Children are most welcome in the Club, but must remain with their parents or other responsible adults at all times.  They must remain with their family                  group and should not be allowed to roam around the Club unsupervised.  Parents are expected to act in a caring way at all times and, if a child wishes to                go home because of tiredness, or is misbehaving and out of control, then that child should be taken home.  Parents should not allow children to sleep on              the seats.  Failure to comply with any of these requests will result in disciplinary action.

8.2      Children are not allowed in the following areas of the Club:

8.2.1   The back bar ("Geoff Larter Lounge").  No under 18s allowed unless strictly under parental control.

8.2.2   The snooker rooms (under 14 years).

8.2.3   The bar areas generally.

8.3      Children under 14 years of age may not, for safety reasons, play darts or snooker.  Children between 14 and 18 may play darts, or snooker on the                             downstairs snooker table, if supervised by a responsible adult.

8.4      No person below the age of 18 years may play the gaming machines

8.5      No person below the age of 18 years may make purchases at the bar.  No person below the age of 18 years may purchase or consume within the Club any             form of alcoholic liquor or beverage.  Any member or guest assisting in such an action will be required to leave the Club.  This will result in disciplinary                   action being taken against the offending member, which may lead to suspension or expulsion.

8.6     The Management Committee may, at any time, determine that children generally may not be admitted to a particular function; or determine age limits for            attendance at any function.

8.7    A common sense approach must be used when allowing prams, unfolded pushchairs, buggies and similar children's conveyances in any area of the Club.               They must not be allowed to obstruct the bar, exits etc.  If the Club is busy or it is deemed to be a safety hazard, we will require the owners to remove such           conveyances.


9.1     Animals are not allowed in the Club, with the exception of guide dogs.


10.1    Only league teams will be permitted to bring food into the Club for consumption by their team members.  No other food is to be consumed within the                   Club except that purchased or provided on the premises.


11.1     Credit is not allowed.  Cheques will not be cashed.


12.1    Members should seek the assistance of a committee member in the event of any dispute or complaint.  Complaints, suggestions etc. requiring the                           consideration of the Management Committee should be made in writing and addressed to the Club Secretary.


13.1   Members are advised to consult the notice board regularly regarding Club notices and forthcoming events.

13.2   Members may post notices on the board only after obtaining permission of the Management Committee.

13.3    Disciplinary action will be taken against any member defacing any notice.


14.1   CCTV cameras are in use internally and externally at the Club for the safety and security of the members.  Anyone found tampering with the CCTV cameras             will be subject to disciplinary action, which may lead to suspension or expulsion.

14.2    The Club is currently listed on the Data Protection Register.


15.1    Cards   By law, participants playing any game for money must keep stakes at a moderate level.  Games must finish by 20 minutes after "time".  Persons                   under 18 years of age are not allowed to play cards for stakes.

15.2    Darts   may be played by any person aged 14 years or over, but those between 14 and 18 years must be supervised by a responsible adult (see paragraph              8.3)

15.2.1    Darts league matches have precedence in the use of boards.

15.2.2    Darts matches must be completed by 20 minutes after 'time' and the premises vacated.  Teams must seek permission of the Management Committee                    before registration with a league.  Normally, the Club will pay league registration fees.

15.2.3    Where league darts matches are held on the same evening, the team with the greater number of players (i.e. 8 players per team against 4 players per                    team) shall have the option of playing on the ‘stage’ board.

15.3     Snooker   There are two snooker rooms.  Payment for use is by meter.  Anyone tampering with meters or effecting use by means other than proper                          payment will be subject to disciplinary action, which may lead to suspension or expulsion.  Guests may not use the upper snooker room.  Guests may                    not use the downstairs table unless accompanied by a member.  Persons between 14 and 18 years of age may play snooker on the downstairs snooker                  table, if supervised by a responsible adult.

15.3.1   To book a snooker session members should use the registration sheets provided.  Only one session may be booked at a time, but play may continue                       after a session has ended if, after checking the registration sheets, it is found that the next session is vacant.

15.3.2   To obtain snooker equipment members must deposit their Club card with the bar staff in exchange for the appropriate key.  Members must collect their                 cards personally after play and ensure that the equipment is in good order and handed over safely to the next player or the key returned to the bar staff.

15.3.3   Players must not drink at the table.  Drinks must not be placed on the table surround.  Members should take their drinking glasses out of the snooker                     rooms at the end of their game and those playing in the last game of any session that the Club is open must return all glasses to the bar.

15.3.4   Club regulations apply as for darts (see paragraphs 15.2.1 and 15 2 2)

15.4     Cribbage   Club regulations apply as for darts (see paragraphs 15.2.1 and 15.2.2).

15.5    Bingo   Ordinarily, Bingo is played each Sunday between 8.00 and 9.15 p.m.  Members are asked to be considerate to Bingo players by not making                            excessive noise.  Children must be closely controlled and gaming machines must not be played.  The TV in the main bar area is to be turned-off and dart                games are not to be played during Bingo sessions.


16.1    The garden may be used for quiet relaxation.  Please show respect for our neighbours whilst using the garden and keep noise to a minimum.  Children                   must not be left unsupervised in the garden.


17.1    The disabled toilet is for use by disabled members or disabled guests only.


18.1    Members can, for a small fee, request a hard copy of the CIU Rules.  The Rules, which are approved by the CIU and are lodged with the Registrar of                           Friendly Societies, cover the following:

18.1.1   Meetings

18.1.2   Business at meetings

18.1.3   Voting at meetings

18.1.4   Composition of committee

18.1.5   Powers of committee

18.1.6   Functions of Club officers

18.1.7   Committee elections and voting procedure

18.1.8   Disputes between members of the Club

18.1.9   Suspensions and right of appeal

18.1.10   Temporary membership

18.2    A copy of the CIU Rules will be displayed in the foyer.

18.3    A copy of the Club Regulations and Byelaws will be issued to new members on joining the Club and are available to existing members on request.


19.1   For sports events, a large screen television is provided in the main bar, and there is also a smaller television in the Members' bar.  Members should not                  touch any of the controls.  Please seek the help of a committee member, or in their absence a member of the bar staff, if you wish the television to be                    turned on or off or the channel changed.  If there is any dispute over what is to be watched, majority prevails.

19.2   The TV in the Club main area will be switched off as soon as any act is ready to perform on the stage.

20   THE BAR

20.1    As a general rule, the bar area must be kept clear when members are not purchasing drinks, and stools and chairs must not be positioned at the bar at                   any time.  Members wishing to purchase drinks should not be obstructed by members drinking or sitting at the bar.



21.1   The collection of money (e.g. for excursions) without the express permission of the Management Committee is forbidden.  When such permission is given,            the Management Committee may, for the protection of members, require money to be paid in and out through the Club's books.


22.1     Fire exits are clearly marked and should not be obstructed in any way.

22.2    Please note that the hard standing areas at the front of the Club form part of the fire escape routes and must be kept clear.  These areas are NOT to be                   used for the parking of vehicles.  For similar reasons, bicycles should not be brought into the Club.


23.1   The Club accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of members’, associates’, guests’ and artistes’ personal items.

These byelaws were approved at the Annual General Meetingof the Club membership in April 2014 and June 2019

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